Sign Types

Ulrich Signs specializes in a wide variety of signage. Browse our portfolio to view examples of our work.

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Pole & Pylon Signs

Pole and pylon signs are a signature product here at Ulrich Signs. These are the towering, illuminated signs you see along the street at every plaza and shopping center entrance, guiding customers to them. We design, fabricate, install and service these signs, so from beginning to end, you'll get our best. Few signmaking operations can fully produce these signs in-house, so take advantage of our expertise when you need a poly or pylon sign for your business.

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Interior Signage

Interior signs cover different types of signage that help your customers and clients once they are inside your building. They direct people to where they need to go in the form of directories, to specific areas and rooms with interior wall signs and door-ID signs. If your building requires ADA-compliant signage, we can take of this for you.

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Carved Signs

Carved signs are simply beautiful, and yet another signature product we produce and install. With bright, genuine 23K gold leaf lettering and logos set inside durable, routed, carved, and painted signfoam panels, your business will have the dignified look it deserves. These signs can be installed on walls, posts, or striking block or stone bases.

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Channel Letters

Need a bold, illuminated sign announcing your business name or operation right on your building? Channel letters are one of the most popular and effective ways of achieving this. Individually fabricated letters and logos are installed on the wall, and illuminated with powerful, yet efficient LED technology. We specialize in the design and fabrication of channel letters, and will be happy to work with you from start to finish with this type of sign.

Corporate Leasing

Do you need large-scale signage on a tight budget? Leasing your sign gives you the advantage of a manageable monthly cost, with an end-of-term buyout. Focus your finances on growing your business with a corporate leasing plan.


Need one of the boldest forms of advertising for your business? Billboards have the size to get this done. We manage our own, Lockport-area billboards which you can lease, or have us quickly produce and install billboard graphics for your own.

Les Miserables Banner


Simple, lightweight and economical, banners are the popular way to make a temporary announcement for your business or function. From basic lettering to full-color graphic designs, and from small to huge, we can make a banner that will fit your needs and budget.

Vehicle Lettering

Vehicle lettering is one of the most effective forms of advertising. Everywhere you drive, vehicle lettering will get you noticed. Durable, exterior-grade vinyl graphics are applied right on your vehicle. Whether you have a single car, truck, van, or an entire fleet of vehicles for graphics, we can do it!

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LED Message Centers

Our LED message center signs give you the combination of bold, vivid graphics and ease of use, and these signs can be integrated into both new and existing signage. We sell the Watchfire line of LED signs by Time-O-Matic, a US-based company, located in Danville, Illinois. Backed with an industry-leading five-year parts warranty, and an outstanding support system, your choice to go with an LED message center will be a sound investment.

LED Fuel Price Signs

LED fuel price signs combine the beauty and visibility of bright, legible fuel pricing with convenient, wireless updating. No more changing flat, plastic numbers in the wind or bad weather. With just a few clicks on the wireless remote, you are done!

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Ground Signs

Ground signs cover an array of permanent, on-ground designs ranging from simple to architectural, and typically alert people to your business location. Depending on its design, a ground sign can also be either internally or externally illuminated, extending the sign's effectiveness after dark.

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Wall Signs

Wall signs help you get the message out by getting the sign well-above the ground, using the walls of your building to support the sign. This type of sign ranges from simple, flat sign panels installed directly to a wall, or fabricated sign cabinets (with optional illumination) as well.

Athletic Boards

Athletic achievements and records can be proudly displayed with athletic boards installed in your sports establishment. Did a record get broken? No problem. The vinyl graphic information on the board can be removed and updated as needed.


Want to give your building's exterior appearance an attractive and refreshing boost? Awnings can drastically change the look of your building, and offer additional benefits as well, such as increasing interior shade, fending off harsh weather, and provide advertising opportunities. Durable, UV-resistant materials and aluminum frame construction means your awning is built to last for years.

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Non-Illuminated Letters

Non-illuminated letters cover a wide array of letters that are individually installed on a wall or sign. Often combined with a company logo, they are striking in appearance and give your business a truly professional look. The letters can be fabricated in any font, and range in materials from formed plastic to custom-routed materials such as aluminum or signfoam.